Unruly Passenger Makes A Scene On Airplane- Does This When Everyone Pulls Out Cameras


YouTube / ViralHog


We’re now living in a world where seeing other people’s lives – through the devices we record them with – seem like the new order.

Recently, Dr. David Dao had spoken out for the first time since the United Airlines incident two years ago. If you don’t recall, it was the merciless dragging and beating of a Vietnamese passenger which was caught in camera – an incident that would go on to invite widespread ire against the tyrannical practices of some US airlines.


He is now considered a hero because the incident helped bring airline policy changes and made the whole airline industry fully accountable for the unfortunate event but at the expense of the psychological harm he had suffered from the incident and the media’s incessant scrutiny of his life that followed after.

But airline incidents do not entirely arise from the airline’s misconduct, as sometimes even passengers cause embarrassing and cringe-worthy commotions that make a fool out of themselves.

Case in point: Last March 27, a passenger boarded a Spirit Airlines flight headed to Newark, NJ, and chanced upon an intoxicated woman who was very much pissed at the flight attendant.

The flight attendant was merely advising the unruly passenger to turn off her phone.

Then the woman, who appeared to be drunk, stood up and hurled invectives towards the well-meaning flight attendant. Her high-pitched shouting annoyed some of her co-passengers yet it also amused a handful of others.

Hell didn’t break loose until they brought up their phones to capture the embarrassing spectacle, and the video had since gone viral.

The whole thing looked like a perfect fit for the Jerry Springer Show.